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Responsibility at the Heart – Adamjee Lukmanjee Memorial Fund

Staff at Adamjees take enormous satisfaction in working as a unified team in lightening the lives of lesser privileged children in the country by means of donating scholarships on their higher education. Each and every staff member has eagerly obtained the membership of Adamjee Lukmanjee Memorial Fund (ALMF) incorporated in 1996. Starting from the office aid to the Managing Director cheerfully contributes to this worthy cause where already over 300 lesser privileged children have been presented with scholarships. We at Adamjees take pride, when children once wallowed in the misery of poverty visit us and share their joy as doctors, engineers and other respected professionals. We strongly believe that each and every one of us is responsible for the lives of our fellow countrymen and ALMF is something that drives us forward when we are faced with turbulences in life.


  • Upgrade and Maintain the Library of Elabadagama School, Pannala - July 2018


    Being a responsible corporate citizen, ALG and its subsidiaries devote a portion of its profits to fund its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives annually as a means of giving back to the society it operates in. ALG believes that investment in education forms the basis for uplifting communities out of poverty and fostering growth based on social justice. These include annual scholarship schemes for deserving students and infrastructure development for schools serving underprivileged communities.

    In keeping with this, ALX has initiated its CSR project for the financial year (FY) 2018/2019 to renovate, upgrade and maintain the library of Elabadagama School, utilizing its annual CSR budget as well as utilizing employee time reserved for employee engagement activities. This project has been selected by the ALX team after visiting several schools in its vicinity and evaluating the most deserving entity to whom the benefits of the CSR project will be most impactful.

    Located in the immediate vicinity of ALX's Pannala factory, Elabadagama School currently has 425 children enrolled. It has classes from Year 1 to Year 11 preparing students to face the Year 5 scholarship exam and GCE (Ordinary Level) exam. The school has shown moderate performance in recent years with 10% pass rate at the Year 5 scholarship exam and 42% pass rate at GCE (Ordinary Level) exams.


    The CSR project will provide the following benefits to the student community, staff as well as indirect goodwill to ALG.

    Benefits to Elabadagama School

    - Provide immediate protection to the books of the library by providing a safe environment for their storage, use and preservation for a longer duration
    - A newly renovated building will encourage students to use the library facilities more thereby inculcating a reading habit that will contribute towards the improvement of their knowledge and literacy skills
    - The library will be able to be positioned as a center for team working and networking related to academic and extra-curricular activities
    - The library along with its assets will enhance students' curiosity, innovativeness and problem-solving skills

  • Handing Over the Photocopy Machines to Horawadunna Primary School, Pannala - July 2018

  • Building of toilets at Mahadivulwewa Vidyalaya in Trincomalee, to improve sanitary facilities for the students in 2010

  • Donation of educational material to students of Padaviya Singhapura School in 2008.

  • Sponsorship of Art Competitions for children in 2006.

  • Construction of a school canteen at Jayanthi Vidyalaya in Grandpass.

  • Inspiring Standards of Rural Schools

  • Awarding of annual scholarship for the advancement of education since 1997.

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