Adamjee Lukmanjee Sri Lanka Exporter

Since 19th century...

Our history as Adamjee Lukmanjee and Sons Ltd can be traced back to the mid 19th century when our founder, Adamjee Lukmanjee set sail on a pioneering voyage from the Gulf of Kutch (Gujarat, India) into an unknown future in Ceylon (Sri Lanka).

From humble beginnings and with implicit faith, he strove to create a foothold in a trading business in the Pettah, the country's main wholesale market for Spices, Sugar and Pulses. Upon founding a flourishing sole proprietorship, Adamjee Lukmanjee relocated to our present premises in Grandpass in 1907, and became a pioneering Coconut Oil manufacturer in the country. A notable achievement for the company can be traced back to 1934 when we won the award for the Country’s “Best Manufacturer of Coconut Oil and Poonac” award.

After establishing the company in manufacturing and trading, prudent investments in property and plantations were made to enhance the business. 3 large plantations in Coconut, 1 in Tea and 1 in Rubber saw over 800 Hectares of land under the management of Adamjees. 1953 saw the incorporation of the Company and the subsequent installation of new Oil Expellers and a Steel Drum Manufacturing Plant.

With sustained efforts over the years, we asserted ourselves in the trade both here and overseas, the mainstay of our business being the export of Sri Lanka’s major Agro-Produce – Tea, Rubber and Coconut.

The introduction of 1973 socialist laws in Sri Lanka saw the total loss of all our estates and a majority of our properties to the State. Loss of assets and losses in trading saw the organisation experience near bankruptcy. Despite all these setbacks, and the advent of a new generation taking over the business, a gradual renaissance in the affairs of the Company allowed us to re-establish ourselves as a prominent exporter of Coconut Products and Spices. In the early 1990s Adamjees set up the then only operational Solvent Extraction Plant in Sri Lanka for extraction of vegetable oils such as Coconut Oil.

The company over the past two decades has maintained its position as one of the leading exporters of all Coconut Kernel Products combined. Our imports in Animal Feed ingredients as well as cement gives us the exposure in diverse businesses.

Adamjees is proud of its sustained achievements for over a century. We strive to maintain our position as one of Sri Lanka’s leading exporters, whilst continuing to uphold the Principles laid down by our forefathers.