DESCRIPTION :Coconut Milk is a sweet, milky white cooking base derived from the meat of mature coconuts.  
  The cleaned coconut kernels (white flesh inside coconuts) are crushed to expel raw coconut milk, which is then filtered, homogenized and heat treated prior to packaging. Coconut Milk is available in varying fat percentages between 5% to 17%.  
  Coconut Cream is like Coconut Milk, but thicker and higher in fat. Ultra Heat Treated (UHT) Coconut Cream, with a fat content of approximately 24%, is made by passing processed coconut pieces through a screw press to obtain the cream extract. The cream is then filtered, standardized, pasteurized and homogenized prior to packaging, with no preservatives added.  
  Coconut Milk finds a special place in many tropical cuisines. Sri Lankan coconut milk is reputed to be one of the most flavoursome milks, and is ideally suited as a culinary base and known for its health benefits.    
  Coconut Cream is very similar to heavy whipping cream and a great non-dairy substitute. Used as a major cooking ingredient for Asian dishes, desserts, puddings, rice cakes etc.    
    Cream - Tetrabrix Aseptic Pack
    Milk - A1 SR Lacquered Cans packed in outer cartons or in               shrink wrapped trays 
    Pack Sizes
    Cream - 65ml, 1lt. Milk – 400ml
    Cream - Intrasept Aseptic Pack
    Milk - A10 SR Lacquered Cans
    Pack Sizes
    Cream - 20Kg. Milk – 3lt
    Container     Capacity
    1 x 20' FCL - 2300 Cartons (72 x 65ml Tetra Packs per carton)
    1 x 20' FCL - 1500 Cartons (12 x 1000ml UHT Packs per carton)
    1 x 20' FCL - 1750 Cartons (24 x 400ml cans per carton)
    1 x 20' FCL - 3700 Trays (12 x 400ml cans per shrink wrapped tray)
  Other retail and bulk sizes available upon request
Product Characteristics
Coconut Cream
Coconut Milk
    12% –24%
    12 - 18%
    pH at 250C
    5 - 7
    5 - 7
    Free Fatty Acids (as     lauric)
    0.1% max
    0.1% max
    Protein (on dry basis)