Coconut Flour

coconut flour

coconut flour exporter sri lanka

This product is available in both organic and conventional forms.



Coconut flour is the new baker’s delight. This wonderful substitute for wheat flour is fast finding its way into every household as a springboard for creating exciting new healthy recipes. Experience delightfully exotic breads, delicious baked treats like cookies, cakes and brownies, and much more.

Coconut flour is the solution you have been looking for – whether it’s to be gluten-free, or for a low-glycaemic index diet (releasing sugar slowly over the course of the day helps keep blood sugar levels in check to give you a sustained energy release). It combines the mild natural sweetness of coconut with the highest fiber content of any other flour alternative, having at least 35% more fiber than even wheat bran.



Printed PET LDPE Pouch in a 5 ply corrugated carton

Pack Size

1 Kg, 500 g, 250 g



Double sealed LDPE Poly liner in a 3/4 ply craft paper sack.

Pack Size

20 Kg

Container Capacity

1 x 20' FCL = 18MT (20Kg kraft paper bags )