Coconut Snacks


Crispy, crunchy, guilt-free snacking… conventional wisdom used to be that higher fat foods were not healthy. However, now it’s been well established that higher fat foods give a faster feeling of fullness and satiety thereby naturally limiting appetite, and that the prime underlying cause of the obesity and type II diabetes epidemic sweeping the world is actually high carbohydrate intake.

Toasted coconut chips are naturally rich in beneficial coconut oil so no added oil is used for toasting, and are lower in carbohydrate and higher in dietary fibre than potato crisps. Perfectly toasted to crunchy perfection, our range of finely seasoned toasted chips has something to suit every palate and occasion.

Chilli and Lime Toasted

Fiery spicy zing with a lime twist


Sweetened Toasted

Uniquely sweetened with a distinctively Sri Lankan natural low glycaemic-index sweetener, a taste to fall in love with


Spicy Onion Toasted

Onion with a spicy kick


Chocolate Coated

Crunchy coconut coated to perfection with rich and indulgent sweet chocolate




Zipper Pouch, Stand-up pouch

Pack Size

40g, 60g, 80g, 100g



Primary Packaging - LDPE Polyliner (Double Sealed) Secondary - 5 Ply Corrugated Carton / 4ply Kraft Paper Sack

Pack Size

10Kg, 35Kg

Container Capacity

1x20' FCL = 08.2MT (10Kg packaging)
1x40' FCL = 19.2MT (10Kg packaging)