Ceylon Cinnamon Exporter in Sri Lanka


The dried scraped peel of the inner bark of the Cinnamomum zeylanicum tree has traditionally been termed ‘true cinnamon / Ceylon cinnamon’ in recognition of this indigenous Sri Lankan plant being the source of the world’s finest cinnamon. This is in contrast to cassia, which is grown in China, Indonesia and Vietnam and which gives a lower quality alternative which also contains the toxic substance coumarin – which is not found in Ceylon cinnamon.

Cinnamon is sold in many grades. The highest grade is sold in the form of Quills, which are several peels joined together by overlaps, the hollow of which has been filled with small pieces of the same peel. Quills are sold in four different grades (Alba, Continental, Mexican and Hamburg) depending on the diameter of the rolled quills.

Several other grades such as Quillings, Featherings and Chips, made up of broken pieces and unpeelable bark, are also available. Cinnamon with its woody, mild yet exotic flavor is arguably the most popular spice in the world. Besides its many uses in baking and cooking, it also provides a wonderful aroma to freshen your home.

Container Capacity

Container Capacity

H1, H2, C4, C5 – 1 x 20' FCL- 6.8MT
1 x 20' FCL- 6MT


Alba, C5,C4, M5, M4, H1, H2 H1, H2, C4 (Cinnamon Chips, Quillings, Featherings)


Container Capacity

H1, H2, C4, C5 - 45.36Kg Cylindrical Bales 25Kg Polythene Bags

Pack Size

45.30Kg (Cinnamon Chips, Quillings, Featherings)